Adcraft CP-60 Coffee Percolator 60 Cup Capacity

This is an ideal coffeemaker for your offices, homes and even cafeterias. It has got a large capability of brewing that can easily quench your thirst for delicious coffee along with other people around. It looks very stylish from outside and is loaded with amazing features. It is constructed of durable stainless steel and has a mirror finish that shines brightly.

Its construction is done in a way that it can last for a longer span of time. Its interior basket and stem have been made with premium quality stainless steel giving a long life. The Adcraft CP-60 Coffee Percolator is a portable and easy to handle as it has got cool-to-touch handles that make its use even safer.

About Adcraft CP-60 Coffee Percolator 60 Cup Capacity

The wonderful coffee percolator can brew up to 60 cups of delicious coffee for you and your acquaintances. The coffee made with this can be enjoyed at any time of the day, from lazy morning hours to long night workshops.

Glowing red light indicates that the coffee brewing s done and you may take it and enjoy. It is equipped with an automatic temperature control that keeps the coffee warm after brewing and always ready to serve.

Its handles are heat resistant, hence, giving you an easy hold and transport from one place to another.

All of its parts are constructed of stainless steel that makes it durable and gives it a mirror finish externally. It has also got a clear polycarbonate water level gauge.

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Features of Adcraft CP-60 Coffee Percolator 60 Cup Capacity

  • The coffee percolator can brew up to 60-cup of cups for any medium or high demand requirements.
  • Its automatic temperature control keeps the coffee warm making it suitable to be used anytime, throughout the day.
  • The machine is easy to pick and carry as it has got heat-resistant handles.
  • It can be known if the coffee is ready or not with its red light indicator.
  • You can even know about the level of coffee remained with its clear water level gauge.
  • It also includes other important parts like the cover, coffee filter basket and stem.
  • It can also be used at professional places because of its mirror finish exterior look that makes it look clean and tidy.
  • It is even easy to clean and maintain and is indeed very durable.

Our Verdict

This is an amazing coffee maker that has got a large capacity that makes it perfect to be used in your workplaces, homes, small gatherings and even cafeterias. Investing in it won’t be a loss. The Adcraft CP-60 Coffee Percolator 60 Cup Capacity is a nice coffee percolator to try your hands on and enjoy delectable coffee.