Bunn Coffee Maker

The Bunn-O-Matic Corporation has been brewing robust coffee with their coffee makers since 1963.  All of their commercial beverage equipment and home coffee makers are made in Springfield, Illinois, right here in the United States.

BUNN has patented the brewing process that makes them famous.  BUNN coffee brewers have a patented ready-to-brew reservoir that maintains the water at an ideal brewing temperature, which is about 200 degrees.  The difference between a BUNN coffee maker and the others on the market is that BUNN machines keep the water hot at all times and then pours the hot water over the ground coffee all in one shot.  Other styles of coffee makers slowly drip water from a cold reservoir over the ground coffee.

BUNN has perfected the amount of time needed for brewing coffee without bitterness.  Their coffee makers have a fast 3-minute cycle, whereas other makers expose the coffee until all of the water in the reservoir is boiled up.  BUNN coffee brewers feature a spray head design that will create just the right amount of movement in order to suspend ground coffee.  This process will ensure the flavor of the ground coffee is consistent from the first cup of coffee to the last.

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BUNN coffee makers have brewed thousands of cups of coffee in restaurants, cafes and cafeterias internationally.  Fortunately, they are also available for home brewing.  Every 10-cup brewer will deliver hot, flavorful, café quality coffee to you in three minutes.  The stainless steel tank has a built-in thermostat, which maintains the water temperature for an ideally brewed pot of coffee.  Each brewer features a porcelain-coated warming plate, which keeps the coffee hot.  BUNN home brewers compliment any décor with choices of black or white with stainless accents.

BUNN also offers a commercial grade pod brewer model that will perfectly brew a single cup of tea or coffee in about 30 seconds.  You control the brewing process by choosing one of the nine settings available to determine the strength of your coffee or tea.  The pod holder, drip tray and reservoir lid are conveniently dishwasher safe.

As a home owner of a BUNN coffee maker, you can also bring home their commercial standard coffee bean grinder, double-walled thermal carafe, or espresso machine.  The grinder is top notch, using burrs to properly grind the coffee beans for the ultimate in brewed taste.

BUNN offers excellent customer service and detailed online site.  On their site you can locate instructions on caring for your home brewer, instructions for cleaning your brewer, contact information, warranty information and product registration. BUNN offers a 3-year warranty on any home brewer purchased brand new. If you require repair service for your BUNN, simply fill out the form on the BUNN website and they’ll be in contact with you.

The price of a BUNN coffee maker is higher than typical coffee makers, but you’re getting a perfect cup of brewed coffee every time!  The higher cost is outweighed by the benefit of having fresh, robust coffee each morning.

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