Delonghi Coffee Maker

DeLonghi markets themselves as a “Living Innovation” company. A DeLonghi coffee maker is designed to fit the way we live today. These coffee makers not only brew terrific coffee, they are user-friendly, easy to clean and stylish as well. DeLonghi has several different styles of coffee makers available for your home: drip, espresso, percolated, or cappuccino.

DeLonghi’s cappuccino makers use a double boiler system for the ideal mug of cappuccino. One boiler is exclusively for the espresso and the other is for steam, so cappuccino is made within seconds of pressing a single button. DeLonghi’s Cappuccino System is known for producing the perfect mix of steam, air, and milk for the richest, creamiest froth. These models can be used with either ground coffee or coffee beans.

You’ll brew perfect coffee every time using DeLonghi’s aroma button, featured on several of their coffee makers. This one button activates a unique time-release brewing process: water is released into the filter basket in 30-second intervals. The coffee grounds are saturated a bit at a time, which translates into a richer aroma and a more full-bodied coffee flavor.

DeLonghi DC312T 14-Cup Coffee Maker

The DeLonghi DC312T 14-Cup Coffee Maker has a whopping 70-ounce capacity, which is perfect for the person who truly loves great tasting coffee and a lot of it. The 24-hour programmable feature means you can wake up to the aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee at your convenience. DeLonghi’s “shower head” design ensures the water to completely saturate every single ground of coffee, extracting the full body and flavor of the coffee bean. The pause-and-serve feature gives you the chance to get in that first cup of coffee without waiting for all 14 cups to brew.

DeLonghi DCR902T Coffee Maker

The DeLonghi Retro Drip Coffee Maker with Timer (DCR902T), not only brews great coffee; it is attractive, easy to use and very easy to clean. The DeLonghi reservoir is large and lifts out of the machine very easily for filling and washing. The swing out filter basket and the hinged top carafe make preparing the coffee for brewing quite simple. This DeLonghi coffee maker offers you the choice of programming it to make 1 to 6 cups of coffee or 7 to 12 cups of coffee. Set the timer to begin brewing when it is convenient for you. The permanent platinum filter is a real plus, unless you prefer paper filters, which the coffee maker will accommodate. You can also determine the strength of your pot of coffee by setting it on light or dark. DeLonghi was thinking of those with limited counter space when they produced this particular coffee maker. It has a special swivel control panel that is easily accessed in case you have limited and cramped counter space.

DeLonghi’s coffee makers come in black and white with brushed stainless steel accents or stainless steel with black accents. They’re one of the most stylish coffee makers on the market and due to their size, they fit just about any size kitchen counter space.

Owning a DeLonghi coffee maker may mean that you’ll simply wave at your local barista on your way by the window with your freshly brewed coffee already in hand.

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